Day 1….

I have writers block and it’s only March first.  My forte is Illustration and I’m great at “speaking with good purpose” and sometimes not so much, but complete thoughts, yikes. I don’t think I have those?  “The Lake”…  When my parents passed away, they left my sister and I a very old log cabin with a lot of character. How old? 1890’s…It’s in upper Wisconsin off of Route 53 on B…In Wisconsin every side road has a letter. Turn left on V till you come to M, that’s a T, take a right on B and watch out for leaping deer and oversized skunks!  The cabin is right on the water with a 180 view of the lake. In the early morning, the only sounds are the loons announcing the day. The sunrise is breathtaking, the air clean, a little piece of heaven…  Put the brakes on that picture, old bring issues. A small rodent and I are having a stare down; I’m on the move, he is not…..Does this get easier, this writing thing? I hope so. I’m exhausted. TBC


One thought on “Day 1….”

  1. AHHHH! You are here! You are writing just fine. I want to see this cabin now. And your illustrations-you probably see them in your mind first? Just put words to what you see in your mind. Like you did here. Bam. Done and done.


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