Day 2

I didn’t quit today. Day 2 of “The Lake”,  I painted a pretty picture yesterday. But, realistically, old doesn’t mean just rodents.  For three years we have battled, termites, snakes and nut shells in our beds.  The chinking in the logs has been falling out leaving gaps for the elements to invade the walls and interior of the cabin. We had sheets of plastic covering the walls. From sweeping bats, spiders and bugs, it was time to fix it or forget it.  Believing that my parents went to heaven, I am a firm believer, they sent us our neighbors. Becky ( a surgical nurse) and her husband Jerry. They bought the cabin next door to us three years ago. Jerry is retired and can fix, build, rewire, unplug, level, and create just about anything. He owns every tool, saw, jack, rachet and a big truck. (And he cooks) While his wife got to know the neighbors. He fixed everything in his cabin, redid his patio, dormered a second floor and gutted a kitchen. So, why do I think my parents sent us our new neighbors?  Jerry, by himself, gutted our entire cabin down to the ground and rebuilt it with our design by himself. ( his best friend from Minneapolis is an electrician who came over and advised him and wired for fun.  He started last November 2014, taking out the entire base below ground level. It is a miracle to see the transformation of sloping rotten logs to an amazing open cabin. I can’t wait to share pictures. I’ll need help with that. It’s not done but you will see such a transformation of falling logs to level love, you too will share my joy. I was going to write about the lake for a couple weeks but the cabin will be done by May 1st. Time to celebrate the new. I have more things to share and stories to tell. Not as painful tonight, but it still takes to much time. Don’t judge me.


2 thoughts on “Day 2”

  1. Well, well, well. If you call this writer’s block then I’d like to have a dash of that, please! The artist is writing. Yippee!!! And, she has something to say, people, so listen up!


  2. Ok, seriously, we need to pair you up with a buddy to help you post pictures of this place. I looove old buildings and need to see it. 🙂 I’m glad you’re parents sent you someone to help you out. He sounds like a gem.


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