Day 3

Who do you think is a really good cook, chef, or baker? I’ve always wondered why not me. My dad and my grandma were amazing in the kitchen. I grew up in the country with a big garden and fruit trees, raspberry bushes. We had fresh greens and canned tomatoes and jellies…yadda yadda. Even raised chickens and did the deed. I watched, helped and contributed to the whole process. Somehow, I missed the boat. I don’t hate to make dinner. I lack luster when it comes to the pleasure of the task. My sister is a VP for a large trucking company. She comes home and loves the cook thing. Why her and not me?  The last time I was at Teri’s ( the sister), I checked her pantry. Wow, at least 100 plus spices. Her bathroom is loaded with Rachel Ray mags. My cupboard has 10 jars of spices and bouillon; my bathroom is stocked with toilet paper. Enough said, if you want to be a fabulous chef, buy spices, cookbooks and follow the recipe. My family will continue to ask me to bring liquor and I’m not offended.  Tonight, I am baking muffins for my people in the primary wing. I’ll put them on a real plate. They will say, “can I have the recipe” ?  I will smile and say “Krusteaz, Cinnamon Swirl Muffin Mix”. That’s how I roll.


4 thoughts on “Day 3”

  1. I am learning so very much about you, my friend! And it is all so interesting! The liquor part, well that doesn’t surprise me 🙂 The cooking part, the living on the farm part, the sister part – all fascinating! Did you realize you had so much to offer us in the world of blogging??? Yes you do! Can’t wait for Day 4.


  2. Oh Peg, I love the humor I hear when you speak, always puts a smile on my face, an extra beat in my heart and a chuckle in my voice. When you write, that same humor comes out…and I love it!


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