Day 4…Sons and laundry

I have two boys; one has learned to do laundry because his wife works full time too and they share chores. His younger brother knows how to do laundry but chooses to wait until his last pair of boxers (25 pairs) is exhausted.

This is my fault, I cried for weeks when my boys went to college. I don’t seem like the type. I knew they were going to U of I, I knew they had worked their butts off to get there. So I did everything I could to make the transition easier. That meant I did everything. A.  It was easier  B.  They had sports  C. Why would they want to learn how to do laundry?

This is like confession.

Son 1, Chase….31…I drove to Champaign to do his laundry freshman year 4 times. I didn’t tell anyone. My husband and friends would have been relentless if they knew.  I made Chases life easier. He was doing great, laundry stressed him out. So, I fixed that. I am an enabler.

Son 2, Matt….27…He is way more self-sufficient. I didn’t do his laundry in Champaign. He brought it home 4 times a year and was extremely grateful that I would clean and organize it and have his shirts dry cleaned.  I am an enabler.

Why confess this now?  Matt lives downtown in Lakeview, works for a startup company. I love it when he comes home or we go down to meet him for dinner. We are so happy that he is out on his own.  He called this week and said he was coming home on Friday to visit. I thought about it all day. I brought home homemade Portillo’s. He and his dad are watching a movie. I’m not a part of that action. I’m doing 10 loads of laundry. I AM AN ENABLER.


2 thoughts on “Day 4…Sons and laundry”

  1. Oh goodness. As the daughter of an enabler I say we love our mommas more. 🙂 too funny of a slice. The cat is giving me a sideways look cause I am laughing too hard for her liking.


  2. Omg I love this slice so much!!! My mom, too, was a laundry enabler. I didn’t even learn how to do laundry until I was halfway through college- and even then- my mom still did it on occasion. I know your boys appreciated it, and still do! 🙂


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