Day 5….Facetime

My son and his wife and “Emma Lou” live in Old Town.  This is my first grandchild and it is better than I had imagined. I kept thinking I wasn’t old enough to be a grandma. It’s not always about me and I am way old enough for this responsibility.  Because they live there and I live in the burbs, I don’t see her as much as I would like.  Facetime keeps us in touch to all of Emma’s accomplishments. Her daycare must be on the cutting edge because at 18  months, she dances, sings, stretches, marches, speaks in 3 word phrases and  has facial expressions for every move.  I’m amazed.

Last Facetime:  (Mom is out of town)

My son makes the facetime call:  I answer; Hi Emma, how was school? What did you do today? She starts marching all over the kitchen. My son says must be marching day.  He asks her ” what do you want for dinner”?  Emma says, “cheese please”( gives her cheese)…..and she says “another” ……  He says, we are out of cheese.  What do you want for dinner?  Emma: candy? Chase says no that’s not dinner.  She says “cukcake”?  It’s a good thing I’m not there….I’d give her a cukcake.. .Grandmaville is good.




One thought on “Day 5….Facetime”

  1. You sound like such a proud and happy grandma! Lucky you!
    I love watching my parents be grandparents. It’s interesting to see what they allow my daughter to get away with (that never would’ve happened when I was their kid).


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