Day 7 A Hair Raising Experience

She never wears her hair down? I wonder if she sleeps with it up. It looks the same in every  school composite since she started teaching in District 143 ( that would be 35 years).   Yep, they are talking about my hair do.  It has been the same since college with  slight variations.

It was the summer after my senior year in high school.  College was in my horizon.  I was sick and tired of curly hair. I was born with that “Shirley Temple” bouncing curl look.  When it rains, it’s frizzy curly.   So I bought the latest hair straightening kit from Clairol.  It works like a perm, smells like a perm, no curlers. It’s large comb that you continue to run through your hair for 20 minutes. Mine was really curly so I went for 30 minutes.  I was so excited to see my new straight hair.  It was straight but the back of my hair FRIED.  Three inches in the back was broken off;  I refused to cut my hair short.

My mom ordered a hair piece that matched my hair.  I had to wear it up.  My locks grew out but the style became mine.  My ponytail went up and straight back.  About 15 years ago, I decided to change it up.  It now sweeps to my left.  I no longer use the hair piece.  Why is her hair always the same.?  I like it.


8 thoughts on “Day 7 A Hair Raising Experience”

  1. You know what I like? Your hair. And you. And the fact that you ended this with “I like it”..boom. drop the mic. You own it. The hair. This. And did I say like you? I meant love.


  2. “Why? Because I like it.” A classy kiss off. I love the backstory. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before. I’ve heard the question but it’s your signature look. Key word: signature. And you rock it. It’s fun, playful, youthful even. It opens up your face. Now I’m nostalgic for it. And your signature necklace. You’re an artist and and adventurer! That hair is you ❤️


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