Day 9 “Green Giant”

My father had a great work ethic and he instilled that in his three daughters. You could find a summer job or he would find one for you. He was a High School Teacher, Coach and the Township Supervisor. In a town of 18,000, he knew a lot of people. Peggy (that’s me) didn’t find a job fast enough one summer.  So off we went to Green Giant Canning Company.  He knew the summer manager ((a teacher) and I started that day “on the line”…Second floor, a large number of conveyer belts rolling out fresh peas. My job was to pick out the bugs and thistle berries on my belt. What an experience!  My supervisor came around every hour and collected and counted the bugs.  With a salary of 2.50 and hour and  25 cents a bug, it was the summer of slave labor. The shifts were 8-12 hours depending how my peas were harvested in the area per day.  After two weeks, I was promoted to “PEA TASTER”.!  I would pull a can of peas off of the canning line every half hour to taste the peas and the brine.  Report it on my clipboard that the peas were firm and the water wasn’t too salty.  My shift started at 6 am….I was so happy to be out of bug duty; I was out to impress on the pea tasting.  For a week, I tasted and reported and tasted and reported and no one was checking on me.  I was quality control for Green Giant, I was a 16 year old kid. What were they thinking?  With the pea crop dwindling, corn kicked into high gear.  The job wasn’t over. What! Another promotion?  My new title  “BUTT INSPECTOR”……Thanks dad.  I’m golden.


3 thoughts on “Day 9 “Green Giant””

  1. This reminded me of a job my brother found for me during summer break one year. I had to place stickers over the wrong count number on Solo Cup bags all day long. Never wanted to work in a factory after that. So I’m curious, do you ever eat peas anymore? I know I wouldn’t. LOL


  2. Seriously? You’re not that old. This sounds like WWII jobs. 😀 I didn’t even know this existed and I laughed picturing you doing this as a young’n. Awesome slice. Your dad sounds like my kind of guy.


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