Day 12….Best pizza

I love a good pie. The city of Chicago offers the best pizza in the world.  But driving downtown is a hassle if you are just interested in  pizza. So here are some tips by a pizza connoisseur: 

Vito’s and Nick’s is a throw back to college…tasty but greasy

Giordano’s is available in a number of burbs….decent but the sauce is acidic.

Uno’s is above average but you have to like cornmeal crust.

I could go on but like I said I wasn’t going  downtown today….But I did go to LA….Tan to start my spring break color. When I came out, 6 doors down was a “Lou Malnati’s  take out store.  I had my dinner plans. It was better than I remembered. A perfect butter crust, sausage, but not greasy sausage, melted mozzarella  and fresh mushrooms. Soooooo good.  …Thanks for my slice LOU.



6 thoughts on “Day 12….Best pizza”

  1. Oh Lou! We heart that stuff. Just had some Jett’s last week for the first time and it was really good too. Mmmm your descriptions make me want pizza…


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