Day 13…Rainy Days

            Today could have been a stay home funk day;   the gloom, the doom, the rain.  I’ve never been a “rainy days and Monday’s always get me down girl”. So I decided to inspire myself with a little visit to TJMaxx.   With the weather change and Spring break on the horizon, I was on the hunt for a new pair of Yoga pants. I don’t yoga, I’m a hyper chicken. When the instructor says take a deep breath and hold that position.  I’m on to the next move. I know a lot of people like this mode of exercise but it doesn’t move fast enough for me.  After three stores, I found the perfect pair.  Kyodan, black, just below the knee, on the thigh it says “GET INSPIRED”.  I’m sure that glows in the dark. LOL  It’s time to kick it in gear and get my exercise on.  The pants are just the beginning. I’m on a mission. 


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