Day 14….All Clad

My husband has decided that “we” need to start cooking healthier.  No more Teflon pans for the Murray’s. We need stainless steal…not just any stainless, All Clad….For all the chefs in your life, All Clad brand rivals the best….I’ve told you before, I didn’t get the gift of cooking. So you can imagine my delight when my husband brought home the big box of pots and pans. My birthday is soon, if he thinks he is sneaking that in as “the” birthday gift. He has another thing coming.

He talked for an hour about how wonderful the pans cook and Teflon is bad for you. The food will taste so much better, yadda yadda, and they are easy to clean……….NOT….Do you know how much work it is to keep stainless shiny?  He says you don’t have to shine them every time. No, you can just let them look like crap.  By the way, the best stainless cleaner is “Bar Keepers Friend”….it’s a lot of work keeping those suckers gleaming with pride.  MEN..!..stop reading ads on the internet.  But thanks honey, I will probably live a couple months longer now that Teflon is out of my life.


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