Day 15…Lost and Found.”It’s Scarce”

This is my feel good story of the week.   As I entered school, there wasn’t much action.  The first room that had a light on is a new 2nd grade teacher. I stopped and said hello………..She immediately says, ” you can’t believe what happened to me”. I went to SCARCE to get some books, I’ve been there before, I was digging through boxes and books and lost my ring. Not just any ring, her engagement ring, wedding band and anniversary ring, they were all hooked together.  She was so distraught and hated telling husband. She went back but a lot of the boxes full of stuff were gone. She told anyone at Scarce that would listen. 

She was hoping Scarce would call her with some news but she knew the chances were slim. Her husband volunteered to go there and search. On her direction of where she had shopped, he tediously retraced her steps to the junk room on the right and then straight back to literature. He went shelf by shelf pulling out books and feeling the wood. When he reached the bottom, he ran his hand under the bookcase. It was creepy  and dirty but he hit the jackpot….Underneath that old bookcase, with free books, was “the ring”.  I’m sure he couldn’t believe it….I know she couldn’t. I wept for her….Sometimes there is a happy ending.  Today, he is my hero!


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