Day 18….Birthday

These are my people.

My sister at 4:36 am wished me a happy, happy. (she is on the beach) no wonder she is happy!

My husband made me bacon and gave me the best boys ever!

Chase (my first born) and his brother Matt chimed in ( they are taking me to Benchmark on Wells on Sunday)

The rest of my day was filled with well wishes.

I heard from my best friend from grade school; my comrades from Belvidere High School, my Alpha Sigma Tau Sisters from College ( we still spend weekends together to laugh),  my old 143 teachers that retired;  My friends that haven’t retired and don’t think it’s weird that I’m still teaching.  My superintendent even had me on his calendar.  Oh, wow.  Brit, Matthew, Bridg…..I’ll always be your yoda.

I am blessed…..Thank you


9 thoughts on “Day 18….Birthday”

  1. Aw.. Happy Birthday, dear Yoda!! I hope your day has been even a sliver of a fraction as amazing as your own Jedi self. You deserve all the happiness. Love, young Padawan, B to the rigo.


    1. Sounds like a fabulous birthday, through and through! Love that you heard from BF from grade school, high school friends, and college friends. And many others! Even your superintenedent! Happy bday one day late!


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