Day 19…”Might as well face it I’m addicted to…

Pond’s”….That is Pond’s Dry Skin Cream.  I’ve tried many moisturizers, Clinique, Lancôme, Cera Ve, Olay,  ROC but I always go back to Ponds.  There is a miracle brand called LA MER for 2060.00  but for that, I could get a face lift.  So I’m sticking with my little plastic white container with the light blue lid that takes away the stress of dry skin.  Why do I think I’m addicted?  I have a 4 oz container in my car, my tan bag,  my school bag,  one in both bathrooms at home, one in both classrooms at work. 

Last time I flew, security took away the Ponds in my purse and my carry on suitcase.  It was a rough flight.  So in conclusion, it works, it doesn’t have a scent, it’s inexpensive, it takes off make up and smooth’s the wrinkles.  What more could I ask for????? I’m addicted.


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