Day 21…The Peace Book

I’ve been writing a children’s book for 30 years…It’s in my portfolio.  A paper bag that  lives next to the refrigerator. Left and forgotten,  the adventure begins..( a work in progress…. I loved Kiddie Lit. That’s what we called the class in college.  This weekend, I found a new favorite. How did I miss this awesome book? 

Peace is making new friends

Peace is listening to different kinds of music

Peace is saying you’re sorry when you hurt someone

Peace is helping your neighbor

Peace is reading all kinds of books

Peace is thinking about someone you love

Peace is sharing a meal

Peace is wearing different clothes

Peace is offering a hug to a friend

………………there are at least 10 more pages……

Ending with “Peace is being who you are”.

It is all about being a good person….8 key style…

Just sharing a piece of love.







4 thoughts on “Day 21…The Peace Book”

  1. Love. Love. Love. Love. This would make a great book. Do it! You could illustrate it, I’m pretty sure. 😉 and then you could read it to all the classes.


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