Day 22…Looking for some “fluff”.

  Spring break is right around the corner. We get a teaser with Easter but the real break is April 1st after school till April 10th.  I’m on vacation for 10 days!  During this time, I read FLUFF and I’m in a rut.  I have special authors for two moods, James Patterson for an easy read of suspense and thrills.  My other guy  is Dean Koontz for the scary, dark and creepy mood.   So today’s slice is reaching out to my new writing friends for a new author.  Keep in mind, I’m on vacation.  I WANT FLUFF.  Please share your choices and no crying books allowed.  🙂  Don’t judge me today, it’s a cheap slice.


7 thoughts on “Day 22…Looking for some “fluff”.”

  1. I love Janet Evanovich and her series with Stephanie Plum…One for the Money is book one and I think the last one I read was Tricky Twenty Two. She has edge of your seat suspense, and then laugh so hard your side will hurt. I don’t believe I have ever shed a tear with any of her books in the series. It might be something to check out!


  2. I am with Kristi- most of my reading is kid lit- it keep getting better and better. One grown up series I like is Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache series- set in Canada, mysteries, you really get to know the town and people of Three Pines.


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