Day 25…Do children need a pet?….


When I had my boys, I thought maybe they should have a pet. My husband and I both worked out of the house so a dog was out of the question. We are not cat people.  My oldest son wasn’t interested. so I thought maybe I missed the bullet.  When my youngest son brought up the pet thing, I said  “like what”…My friends all have hamsters!  Hmmmm? Feeling guilty and against my better judgment, I took him to PetSmart.    We bought the cutest “brown bear hamster”.  The whole package was over $100 but he was so happy.  The clerk said give him a couple days and then start interacting with him, holding, feeding by hand so he is comfortable.  On the fourth day, I said to Matt, you should try holding him so he is use to the person that is going to take care of him.  (that was the deal)   He held him and then said, ” I can’t stand the way his feet feel on my skin.” REALLY.!!! ” But don’t take him back, I’ll just watch him”.

So, mom, took care of buddy “the hamster” and Matt watched.  All of the “friend” hamster’s met their demise. But ours just kept right on for over 2 years…I came home from school one day and Matt and his day had just buried Buddy in the back yard.  Matt made a sign “best pet ever”.   Sometimes, watching is enough.

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