Day 27…Please pray for Joanne.

Hey, writing friends, I got that dreaded email that my friend in California was diagnose with pancreatic cancer.  I need your prayers for her.

We met freshman year in college, joined the same sorority and traveled Europe with backpacks after graduation.

I. Joanne Simmons is from LaFayette, Illinois. It’s in the middle of nowhere in downstate Illinois.  Less than 300 people, 21 in her graduating class, 3 boys, 2 were her cousins. After teaching in a River Town on the Mississippi; she and a friend drove to California for a different life. Joanne didn’t return to teaching but worked in an upscale shop in a hotel and became a partner in the store.   She is a gentle soul, the epitome of a healthy eater and a fitness nut.  So why her and what can I do to help? Please pray for her.

It started with a small sore on her navel; her doctor didn’t have a clue what it was so she went to a dermatologist who wasn’t sure but didn’t feel comfortable with her leaving without a biopsy. It came back as metastasized ….pancreatic cancer.  What kind of fairness is that? Please pray for her

She started Chemo the next day and is on a vengeance to beat this. I believe the Power of Prayer will help her too.    Please jump on my wagon..thanks.


13 thoughts on “Day 27…Please pray for Joanne.”

  1. Done and done. It’s especially hard being far away and not there as she is going through this. Hugs and love and a mountain of prayers for you, her, and everyone who knows and loves her too.


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