Day 28….Life long friends.

Met my friend for breakfast today.

She is 10 years younger.

We have boys the same age.

We have all grown up together.

She is a trust fund baby; I’m a teachers daughter.

She is married to a control freak, my husband is laid back.

She wears conservative golf clothes, I’m an artsy funky chick.

She has a Florida retreat, I have a cabin in Wisconsin.

Our boys went to grade school, high school, and University of Illinois together.

We have remained friends not because of our children.

We like each others company.

The kind of friend that sticks around because we work at it.

These are the best kind.




9 thoughts on “Day 28….Life long friends.”

  1. Sometimes it is the differences that make a friendship even stronger and more interesting because you work to find things to share. Moving as often as I do I feel like many of my friends are people who are very different from me and that is okay:)

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