This is IT? Being Challenged.

I thought about quitting, I’m glad I didn’t.

I’m an immature writer but I learned a great deal from other writers.

I’ll use some of their techniques next year.

My 30 days:

Saying good bye to the old cabin/ Embracing the new build

I’m not a chef but I have All Clad pans…no Teflon for me.

Emma Lou (my grandchild) is the love of my life, she likes “cukcakes” and dancing with grandma in sunglasses.

I love a “Goodwill” shopping hunt; finding discarded treasures and giving back.

Chalk Painting  is a face lift for my new finds from Goodwill.

My 40 year old up-do started by frying the ends.

Pea Taster and Butt Inspector….made me Queen of the Green Giant Canning Company.

Purposeful Art is just following your heART.

I’ve been inspired by new yoga pants and ALIVE vitamins.

I have loyal friends.

My Ebay Blue Spruce arrived today; It’s 12 inches tall and thriving.

Laundry is not my sons forte,   I am an enabler.

I will finish my book “The Paper Bag” when I retire.

Sergio and I have found our “happy place” in the Art Room.

The End.