Day 24..Mother Nature is on a roll.

In celebration of the Easter weekend, I wore sandals.  I painted my toes and let me feet breathe out of boots.  It was raining but I didn’t care, I knew it would let up and moderate. Not so much.  I travel to another school  during the day. So at lunch, I waded through 2 inches of ice cold rain  in my really cute sandals to my car.  It didn’t matter, in a couple hours, I’m on vacation.

The drive home was uneventful but the temp was dropping; What could that mean?   I brought all my bags into the house and relaxed. As a gazed out of my kitchen window, my forsythia bushes were in full bloom.  This is definitely Spring.  Within the next twenty minutes it rained, sleeted and snowed huge flakes.  The sun peeked through the clouds but only for a minute. Mother Nature, you never cease to amaze me.  Tomorrow, I’m going to wear sandals. Why?   I’m on vacation.

Day 23..How did I get a teaching job?

Can you say being in the right place at the right time?  I loved college so much, I stayed.  I became house mother for my sorority and student taught in a local town.  A teacher had just passed away and I was subbing for her. The principal, Mr. Crum walked in and ask me to tell the class about their teacher dying  and I would be her replacement. I said no that was his responsibility,  but” thank you for the job”.  After 3 years, I moved to Michigan and needed a job again.  Right before school started, an Art teacher resigned her position and they were desperate.  Mr. DeYoung was holding my resume and asked me to interview.  ( I was leaving 1st grade to take on High School Art)  After 5 minutes, he said; I was hired and it was going to be fine and would I also coach the Freshman Cheerleaders?  I said, ” thank you for the job”.  I taught High School Art for 2 years and then moved back to Illinois. There was  no teaching job in sight.   I had a friend that was a traveling Speech teacher and she was sure that the rumor in the teacher’s lounge was that the art teacher met a great guy in a Piano bar (her friend, the music teacher was the pianist) downtown Chicago.  I called the Assistant Superintendent and asked if I could apply for the Art Position. He said he didn’t have one and I said, I think you do; she had already moved to California and was calling in sick.  Sure enough, he called me back. I was hired. Thank goodness for love at first sight.   The third time was the charm. I’ve been here for 35 years.  It pays to be in the right place at the right time. THIS IS IT!

Day 22…Looking for some “fluff”.

  Spring break is right around the corner. We get a teaser with Easter but the real break is April 1st after school till April 10th.  I’m on vacation for 10 days!  During this time, I read FLUFF and I’m in a rut.  I have special authors for two moods, James Patterson for an easy read of suspense and thrills.  My other guy  is Dean Koontz for the scary, dark and creepy mood.   So today’s slice is reaching out to my new writing friends for a new author.  Keep in mind, I’m on vacation.  I WANT FLUFF.  Please share your choices and no crying books allowed.  🙂  Don’t judge me today, it’s a cheap slice.

Day 21…The Peace Book

I’ve been writing a children’s book for 30 years…It’s in my portfolio.  A paper bag that  lives next to the refrigerator. Left and forgotten,  the adventure begins..( a work in progress…. I loved Kiddie Lit. That’s what we called the class in college.  This weekend, I found a new favorite. How did I miss this awesome book? 

Peace is making new friends

Peace is listening to different kinds of music

Peace is saying you’re sorry when you hurt someone

Peace is helping your neighbor

Peace is reading all kinds of books

Peace is thinking about someone you love

Peace is sharing a meal

Peace is wearing different clothes

Peace is offering a hug to a friend

………………there are at least 10 more pages……

Ending with “Peace is being who you are”.

It is all about being a good person….8 key style…

Just sharing a piece of love.






Day 20…Celebration

Met the family today at Benchmark. It’s on Wells in Old Town. Parking is tough but it’s worth the walk.  Lots of basketball fans, good music and fabulous shrimp taco’s.  My son, Chase and his wife Jess and their daughter Emma Lou  (20 months) and my other son, Matt and my husband Greg and I. We sat in the window and took in the bustle of the city. Lunch was great, we laughed a lot and told stories. Emma and I put on our sunglasses and danced because she wanted to and so did I.  That’s a celebration!

Day 19…”Might as well face it I’m addicted to…

Pond’s”….That is Pond’s Dry Skin Cream.  I’ve tried many moisturizers, Clinique, Lancôme, Cera Ve, Olay,  ROC but I always go back to Ponds.  There is a miracle brand called LA MER for 2060.00  but for that, I could get a face lift.  So I’m sticking with my little plastic white container with the light blue lid that takes away the stress of dry skin.  Why do I think I’m addicted?  I have a 4 oz container in my car, my tan bag,  my school bag,  one in both bathrooms at home, one in both classrooms at work. 

Last time I flew, security took away the Ponds in my purse and my carry on suitcase.  It was a rough flight.  So in conclusion, it works, it doesn’t have a scent, it’s inexpensive, it takes off make up and smooth’s the wrinkles.  What more could I ask for????? I’m addicted.

Day 18….Birthday

These are my people.

My sister at 4:36 am wished me a happy, happy. (she is on the beach) no wonder she is happy!

My husband made me bacon and gave me the best boys ever!

Chase (my first born) and his brother Matt chimed in ( they are taking me to Benchmark on Wells on Sunday)

The rest of my day was filled with well wishes.

I heard from my best friend from grade school; my comrades from Belvidere High School, my Alpha Sigma Tau Sisters from College ( we still spend weekends together to laugh),  my old 143 teachers that retired;  My friends that haven’t retired and don’t think it’s weird that I’m still teaching.  My superintendent even had me on his calendar.  Oh, wow.  Brit, Matthew, Bridg…..I’ll always be your yoda.

I am blessed…..Thank you